Nikki and Justin came to me through the absolutely LOVELY girl bosses over at Perfectly Poised Events. Nikki and Justin met in high school and have a drop dead gorgeous little girl that I cannot wait to meet at their wedding in April at a winery in Temecula. I am actually so excited for that wedding so stay tuned for those images in the spring…

      Anyways, back to this engagement session. The minute we started planning their engagement shoot Nikki knew right away she wanted to use ALL the props. Confetti, smoke bombs, prisms, champagne, you name it. I get so excited when my brides are into the details! Even better if they have been Pinteresting their engagement shoot from the moment (or before) their significant other got down on one knee.

      Nikki loved the urban vibes and I knew I wanted to shoot in Long Beach right away. There are so many brick buildings, graffiti walls and empty parking lots to play with. We started the day with confetti, which in hindsight was not the best idea because for the rest of the shoot we were picking glittery chunks out of hair and clothes (and I still have a car full of it…), we attempted a smoke bomb right after but unfortunately it did not light. No worries, we brought two. We decided to change outfits for the next one and headed to the rooftop of a local parking garage. This one worked beautifully but it may have suffocated Nikki and Justin slightly. But hey, anything for the shot.

      Last shot we wanted was the classic pop of the champagne bottle. Well, it didn’t quite go as planned. I was posing them and telling them how this shot was going to go when the bottle prematurely exploded and caught us all by surprise, I immediately turned my camera towards them and started shooting but the champagne had already stopped so next best thing, drink it! And we did. The whole bottle or what was left of it after the initial pop!



      HAHAA so many little things went wrong but we had such a blast and the photos came out so magical!!