Okay, so I finally got to visit the Museum of Selfies. I mean Museum of Ice Cream. Of course I brought along my camera for the experience…

      So here are a couple details from my night at the museum. They tell you to name your team and some rando called us the Vanilla Horses. Not cool. Would way rather be the Rocky Road Dragons or Cookie Dough Dawgs but whatever. Over it.

      Next, you head into the museum and start taking selfies, which is great because I obviously love taking photos! First we got his churro flavored ice cream that was amazing. Did I mention you get ice cream in basically every single room you go into and its all f**king amazing?!

      The last room is the giant pool of sprinkles. To my disappointment they are NOT real sprinkles. They are plastic. And they get in all the crevices. In fact, one week after visiting the ice cream museum a disgruntled neighbor of mine put post it notes around my apartment building telling me to clean up my sprinkles. They literally haunted me for weeks, even found one in my bathroom this morning. Anyway, all of this was worth it cause I got some great Instagram content and thats really what this is all about.