about me

      I am Victoria. I am a photographer, a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend, a friend and a dog mom to a furry little guy named Charlie. I picked up a camera when I was 15 and never looked back. Well that’s not true. I did change my major in college (Go Hoosiers!) like 5 times but ultimately landed on photojournalism. I studied abroad in Paris my junior year and fell even more in love with the art of photography as I photographed the city of love. I love, love. I love weddings. I mean, I literally changed my name to Annie when I was 5 years old for a hot sec because I wanted to be Annie Banks from Father of the Bride. I also changed my name to Daisy Rainbow but that’s a different story and not on topic.

      When I am not photographing or editing, you can likely find me in the home decor section of the nearest Target sipping an iced coffee or in a bath reading some kind of “self-help” book (I hate calling them that but thats really what they are. If you haven’t read the Defining Decade or The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, run don’t walk to your nearest Barnes and Nobles… or, you know, use Amazon Prime like I always)

      Some Things I Love

      80’s music

      getting down on the dance floor

      home decor

      photography (duh!)

      harry potter

      stopping to pet all the dogs

      sushi and froyo (in that order)

      holidays…or any reason to throw a party

      creative details

      love in any form

      belly laughs and happy tears


      who are you?

      Like me, you love love. You are are not afraid to get wet and sandy during your shoot. You probably can’t get through cleaning your home with out stopping to sift through the box of old photos in your hallway closet. You will be the first and last person on the dance floor, and most likely be barefoot by last call. You believe that love really is like all those cheesy 80s movies. You listen to your music loud and know every word to Celine Dion’s greatest hits (grooms this applies to you too, I know you love Celine). You booked the bar and the DJ/band first because you know how to throw an epic party. If this is you, you are my client (and also probably my soul mate).